Modafinil Side Effects

Most CNS stimulants have been known to be able to have rather harsh side effects that can last for quite a long period of time, Modafinil is a popular medication used to treat sleep deprivation, ADHD, depression, and many other conditions. While it has been widely recommended by many physicians as it not only has been known to have very minimal short term side effects, those who are interested in Modafinil will want to consider all of the potential common side effects that have been most reported by patients who have tried the product. It is important to consider the side effects in comparison to the results that the medication will be able to provide, and those who are interested in more information should highly consider consulting in their physician regarding whether taking Modafinil will be beneficial to their cause. There are not a lot of Modafinil side effects depending on the dosage and the duration of time of which the medication is taken.

When looking at the Modafinil side effects, it is important to note that all patients will have different side effects due to the fact that each individual’s body will react differently to the medication. There are a lot of different factors to keep in mind when considering all of the different Modafinil side effects that are possible. Depending on the dosage taken, the duration of time of which Modafinil is in one’s system, and many other factors, the type of side effects witnessed will differ. Generally speaking, those who are taking Modafinil for a short term will generally find that their conditions will be treated and side effects will not be felt; however, those who take Modafinil for a long period of time will generally feel that they are more exposed to more of the side effects.

The most common Modafinil side effects will generally include headaches, nausea, and diarrhea. These side effects are generally quite mild, and can be avoided if patients are started off with a small dosage that is gradually increased. Those who experience nervousness, pain, depression, insomnia and more of the more severe side effects that may affect their intellectual abilities and ability to concentrate and focus will want to immediately consult in the advice of a physician as Modafinil may not be appropriate for their immune system and their body. There have been some cases where dermatological side effects have been reported as well.

Modafinil is classified by the Drug Enforcement Administration as a Schedule IV drug which means that the substance has a low potential for drug abuse, and it also has very little side effects that are common to its usage. Those who are interested in taking the medication will want to consider consulting with a physician who will provide information regarding which side effects are not considered to be severe and can be ignored, and which side effects are considered to be severe, and the usage of the medication should be stopped immediately when the side effects appear. Modafinil will react differently with each individual’s body.