Buy Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra is a very powerful drug that has had a positive effect on the lives of many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. The drug can be taken orally, with a dosage reliant on a few factors. Other factors need to be taken into consideration when considering dosage issues as a whole.

When approaching your physician for a prescription of Levitra, you will find that the doctor will take a few moments to secure some details before he dispenses the prescription. The drug has side effects and some concerns as regards contraindications, so the doctor will need to clarify some information before the all clear is given for you to take the drug.

Firstly, the doctor will take into account your age when considering whether or not to prescribe. One fact that is known about the drug is that Generic Levitra can cause some problems (or at least has the potential to) for men over the age of 55. In fact, taking the drug at this age may rely upon your lifestyle choices first and foremost. A healthy lifestyle and diet are quite important once a man reaches this stage in his life, and taking a drug like Generic Levitra will bring better results if those lifestyle factors are in place.

The doctor will also take into account other medical conditions you may have. While, on the whole, having high blood pressure and issues with cholesterol (normally problems when it comes to taking medication) don’t really matter too much, there may be other issues the physician could be concerned with. Obviously, the doctor will ascertain such issues as best they can, but any meeting to discuss such a new course of treatment will need to be a frank one, especially when it comes to contraindications.

Contraindications are interactions that a drug has with another substance. One of the most commonly recognised contraindications known to most of us is that of medical drug use with alcohol. Most people are sensible enough not to use drugs and alcohol when working heavy machinery, for example, or when driving. However, like with most drugs, Generic Levitra packaging will make it very clear that this particular substance should not be mixed with the product. From the doctor’s point of view, they will want to know what other medication you are on at the moment, so that they can exercise their judgement as to whether or not the other medication will compromise Generic Levitra in any way. Contraindications may slow the effect of Generic Levitra, or they may even speed it up. In the worst case scenarios, these interactions may cause lasting damage to your body. So again, full and frank discussions are the order of the day when discussing these matters with your doctor.

The recommended Generic Levitra dosage for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is 10mg. This dosage takes place generally at around an hour before any sexual activity takes place. If the dosage works well for the patient, and the side effects are not troublesome, then the doctor may, at their discretion, increase the dosage. Anyone over the age of 65 may have to experience different conditions when it comes to dosage. In fact, doctors may well recommend that a dosage of 2.5mg is given to you if you are over 65 years of age. If you have any complications when it comes to your liver, the doctor may again think carefully about the dosage. A 2.5mg dosage could well be prescribed if there is any history of liver disease or damage. Some general instructions for Generic Levitra include that it can be taken at any time of the day. This is what makes the drug so versatile for its users. You can take the drug with food if you wish. However, a high fat meal may well reduce the effect of the drug. It is recommended that you do nothing to the physical state of the drug, in other words you are not meant to crush it or break it in anyway. And the drug should not be chewed. If you have any issues or concerns about taking Generic Levitra, see your doctor, who will be only too happy to advise.