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Just like every other controlled substance has possible and potentially strong overdose and addiction levels, Adderall is also similar without any exceptions. Either you buy Adderall online or offline;

there are certain chances of getting overdosed Adderall. The signs and symptoms of Adderall are hyperactivity, hallucinations or fast activity.

There could be many reasons for overdose of Adderall like prolonged use of this drug for the treatment of ADHD and certain cases of taking more than prescribed limits of the drug.

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Even thoughit is banned by the FDA to be traded online but there are times when people do buy Adderall online and get trapped into serious consequences of overdose and addiction.

Since it is a schedule II drug, there are certain rules and regulations for the trading of this drug. For instance if Adderall is prescribed only in handwritten form with the doctors signature, then via calling, faxing, or printing the prescription would not work for the patient.

It definitely is possible to get an overdose from this drug, but there are various factors and conditions upon which the treatment would be done. These factors and conditions are the amount of dosage taken, and other drugs taken along with Adderall.

There are some drugs like alcohol that increase the blood levels of Adderall leading to problems such as Hyperactivity, Breathing fast, Confusion, Fever, Muscle pains, Tremors, aggressive behavior, and hallucinations. According to the above mentioned factors and the severity of the overdose effects, the treatment would also differ.

If the Adderall overdose happened recently, then your doctor might use the techniques in which the stomach gets pumped and washed by any leftover of the drugs like Adderall as well as any other narcotic or drug.

Other treatment options involved getting supportive care from a good detox center in your local area. Some serious treatment options that deal with the physical health of the patient is washing of kidneys, also known as dialysis, and monitoring the condition of heart closely.

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Do not get hesitant in getting treatment because Adderall is a controlled substance and you may not buy Adderall online. Adderall, like other drugs is a controlled substance and may become habit forming if used for prolonged period of time.

There are special rules and regulations that govern the use of this drug and other related controlled substances. Adderall has a legal purpose due to which it is prescribed, but has a very hightendency to get abused. Alternatives of Adderall.

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Prescriptions should be written by a certified doctor and can only be in printed for, and not hand written. Usually the prescription time for schedule II drugs is not more than one month, after which it expires and requires renewal. Do not buy Adderall online even if you are getting big discounts from cheap online pharmacies.